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A local company with
an international outlook



15k m²

15,000 m² production plant

€ 35m

€ 35 million turnover in 2021


+15% annual growth


2 million taps produced per year


9,000 hobs produced per year


Experience and innovation

Vergnano, with nearly 80 years’ experience in the market for high-precision cutting tools, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of threading taps, hobs, end mills and dies. Vergnano’s long-standing professionalism and expertise are combined with its innovative and dynamic spirit, ensuring the company’s ability to provide quality and reliability but also ongoing development and flexibility.

Design and production meet


Flexibility, readiness, quality

  • Short decision-making processes.
  • Rapid response times at all stages of the process.
  • Flexibility in satisfying client requests for changes.
  • Efficient and reliable technical support.
  • Continuous employee training.
  • Consistent product quality, 100% guaranteed by qualified personnel.

A family business

Greater focus on customer needs

Vergnano is based in Italy, with its production facilities located in Chieri (TO), but is also geared towards the international market, with operations in over 30 countries worldwide.

Vergnano is a family-run organisation that does not believe in profit at any cost. This allows for short decision-making processes, rapid response times, as well as flexibility and readiness in the event changes are requested over the course of the project. Moreover, the family nature of the business allows Vergnano to focus on client needs, delivering precise and customised solutions.

Vergnano' Headquarters in Chieri


Vergnano worldwide

Countries in the Vergnano network
Foreign subsidiaries
Dealers in Europe
Dealers in Asia
Dealers in America
Dealers in Oceania
  • 40% Italy
  • 21% Germany
  • 15% Asia
  • 24% Other countries



Vergnano produces taps, hobs, end mills, thread mills, drill bits, tapping attachments and dies, thus offering a comprehensive range of tapping, hobbing and precision milling solutions to satisfy all client needs. Taps are the flagship product, available as standard tools (60% of production) and special tools (40% of production).

  • 60% Standard
  • 40% Special

Vebro, specialising in the production of broaches, was founded by Vergnano to complete its offering, and has been part of the Group for over 50 years.

Research and development

Quality and new technologies

Vergnano invests about 10-15% of its annual turnover in new technologies. The pursuit of innovative solutions, coupled with strict and continuous monitoring of processes and products ensures consistently high levels of quality. And it is precisely these high standards of performance that have earned the company ISO 9001 certification.

At Vergnano, investment in research translates into the continual optimisation of production processes and the use of increasingly high-performance materials. This is demonstrated by the development – in partnership with Oerlikon Balzers – of new tap coatings and the use of innovative materials, made possible by the company’s in-house heat treatment.

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Quality control

Forno Oerlikon Balzers per il rivestimento PVD nello stabilimento di Vergnano

Investments in technology

Continuous innovation

  • Ongoing investment in innovative technologies (at least 10% of annual turnover).
  • Regular upgrading of production machinery to boost productivity and quality.
  • Continuous research into novel cutting tool materials.
  • Research and development of PVD coating technology and expansion of the in-house coating centre.

Photo: Oerlikon Balzers® PVD coating system


Industrial sectors

Vergnano, based in Chieri, is the supplier of choice for a number of industry-leading international firms. This is a valuable demonstration of trust, underscoring how Vergnano’s professionalism, expertise and experience represent a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

Vergnano provides solutions for the Fasteners, Energy, General Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, and, most notably, Automotive industries, satisfying client demands with specific and innovative products.

Overview of industries


Global supply chain management

Every stage of machining, from the steel bar through to the PVD coating of finished tools, is managed in-house at the Vergnano production facility. All this is possible thanks to the company’s expert knowledge, continual investment in new technologies and the thoroughness and consistency of its strict quality controls.

Tap testing before shipping


Cutting-edge technology and specialised personnel

Production, as we know, depends on the machinery fleet, and Vergnano is always on the cutting edge of technology, regularly upgrading its equipment. Vergnano uses only latest-generation machine tools, such as HiPiMs coating furnaces, high-precision grinding machines and lathes for “all-in-one” machining, which dramatically cut down delivery times.

Production is also about people, who, at Vergnano, are all specialised and highly qualified. The corporate team’s hob re-sharpening and re-coating service, which involves machining the tool until it is as good as new, is just one example.

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