History and future

Professionalism and experience with a view to the future

Wireframe di una fresa di Vergnano

Founding: Production of end mills.

Wireframe di un maschio di Vergnano

Tap production begins.

Disegno in outline della sede di Vergnano nel 1950

Relocation to the new facility in Chieri, Turin.

Disegno in outline della sede di Vergnano nel 1960

Extension of the facility.

Wireframe di una broccia del gruppo Vergnano Vebro

Vebro, specialised in the production of broaches, joins the Vergnano Group.

Disegno tecnico di un gruppo di maschi Vergnano

One million taps produced per year.

Mappa della filiale tedesca di Vergnano

Opening of the German subsidiary, Vergnano Gmbh.

La nuova sede di Vergnano a Chieri

Relocation to the new, modern facility in Corso Olia, Chieri.

Mappa della filiale coreana di Vergnano

Opening of the South Korean subsidiary, Vergnano Korea.

Disegno in outline della nuova sede di Vergnano in Germania

Opening of the new German branch in Achern.

Disegno in outline di un tablet che mostra il nuovo sito di Vergnano

Vergnano extends the production plant and renews its brand identity.

The future of Vergnano

Vergnano competes in a dynamic market where continued competitiveness requires wagering on the future rather than relying on past achievements. And that is exactly what Vergnano does by focusing on the best technologies, the concept of Industry 4.0 and continuous investments in Research and Development. This is because Vergnano firmly believes that its future depends on the quality of its products and services.

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