Production and development

A company driven by innovation

Cutting-edge technology

Imagine the future

The market is constantly changing in tandem with the introduction of new technology, be it cutting-edge solutions or digital tools. Vergnano is committed to anticipating these developments, envisioning the future of the industry. And it does so through research, upgrades and training, all essential components of its corporate policy. Clients, therefore, are always guaranteed state-of-the-art tools and services.


To innovate is to renew

Vergnano invests about 10-15% of its annual turnover in new technologies. Budget and purchasing decisions are made further to valuable input from the technical and production departments and, most significantly, from clients. However, innovation entails more than simply developing new technological solutions; it also means renewing and creating benefits for all aspects of the industrial system from design through to production, including the choice of machinery and quality of after-sales services.

  • Continuous investment in new, innovative technologies (at least 10-15% of annual turnover).
  • Regular upgrading of production machinery to boost productivity and quality.
  • Continuous research into novel cutting tool materials.
  • Research and development of PVD coating technology and expansion of the in-house coating centre.
Design and management

Production monitoring station

Industry 4.0

All the advantages of digital systems

Vergnano has developed the Integrated Design and Production Monitoring System, a proprietary software used to manage and optimise the plant’s design and manufacturing processes. A management model that exploits the new digital systems offered by Industry 4.0 to interface and monitor operations while collecting and analysing data.

The solution greatly improves flexibility and productivity, thus benefiting the client in terms of variations to the design and delivery schedules and allows Vergnano to better manage the production line by reducing the margin of error, workflow interruptions and scrap material.

  • Design and optimisation according to the specifications of use.
  • Analysis of the most suitable cutting parameters.
  • Automatic generation of the manufacturing drawing including all machining data.
  • Monitoring of production through to final acceptance testing and shipping to the client.

Design meeting


Training and specialisation

Vergnano’s highly specialised staff is always up to date on the latest industry innovations. Employees attend specific courses on how to use the machinery and technical personnel receive ongoing training on CAD software, metrology, new materials and coatings, aiming to propose pioneering solutions and anticipate market demands.

Vergnano also has strong ties to the local territory, prompting the company to adopt a strictly local hiring policy that benefits the entire community.

  • High specialisation.
  • Ongoing training.
  • Specific refresher courses.
  • Benefits for the community.

Tap grinding


Latest-generation technology

Vergnano’s machinery offers the best results in terms of performance, speed and precision. It also ensures high productivity thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology. Vergnano invests in new machinery every year, constantly upgrading its machinery fleet and guaranteeing continual innovation.

  • High productivity.
  • Speed and precision.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Investment in new machinery.

Oerlikon Balzers coating system


In-house PVD coating department

Vergnano has an in-house PVD coating department to meet the demands of a global production chain. Highly skilled technicians are responsible for applying various types of coatings for steel or carbide tools, ensuring a complete range that meets all machining requirements, employing the most modern and advanced technology in the industry.


Optical measurement

Quality control

In-depth analyses with different levels of testing

Vergnano conducts thorough and regular testing and quality inspections, as demonstrated by its 100% tap testing and the fact that each hob is supplied with an inspection certificate. Vergnano also performs a statistical analysis, which, following a special procedure, allows for the standardisation of production processes, thus facilitating testing and quality control.

A Vergnano tap and its inspection certificate

ISO 9001

Certified quality

Vergnano’s commitment to high quality standards has led to its obtainment of ISO 9001 certification. Vergnano’s quality management system for the design, production and servicing of threading taps, hobs, end mills, dies and reamers in high-speed steel and carbide, complies with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.


Aerial view of internal garden


An eco-friendly company

Vergnano is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and does so by managing oils, recycling metal chips, using vacuum furnaces for heat treatments – a greener option than traditional oil-bath furnaces – and solar panels that cover a portion of the company’s energy needs. Moreover, Vergnano develops increasingly high-performance tools while also providing a re-sharpening, re-coating and re-profiling service for hobs, thus extending the service life of tools and minimising the use of resources.

  • Oil management.
  • Recycling of metal chips.
  • Tool reconditioning service.
  • Vacuum furnaces.
  • Solar panels.

ISO 14001

Certified sustainability

All of this has led to Vergnano obtaining ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, confirming sustainability as a key component of its corporate ethos. The certification was issued to Vergnano for the design and production of its threading taps, hobs, end mills, dies and reamers in high-speed steel and carbide through subtractive and abrasive machining, heat treatments and physical vapour deposition coatings.

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