One cutting die and one forming die



Cutting and forming dies

Standard tools

More than 200 catalogue items.

Special tools

According to customer specs.

Conventional high speed steel High performance powder metallurgy high speed steel
Vergnano Filiera A Rullare Wireframe Costruzione

Standard and special dies

The future of die machining

F-Series dies for subtractive machining of outer threads and the innovative, patented rolling die for abrasive machining.


F Series

Cutting dies

The Vergnano F-Series offers cutting dies for machining external threads in most general-purpose applications.

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A cutting die from F Series by Vergnano


Forming dies

Forming dies made to specification

An innovative product that combines the technology of forming taps with a specific tool for external threading. Forming dies allow the production of all main external rolled threads: metric, fine pitch metric, UN, Whitworth Gas.

The forming die by Vergnano

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