The forming die by Vergnano

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Forming dies

Forming dies made to specification

Special tools

According to customer specs.

Nominal diameters

From 6 mm to 33 mm.

Thread types
Vergnano Filiera A Rullare Wireframe Costruzione

An innovative product

Forming dies

An innovative product that combines the technology of forming taps with a specific tool for external threading. Forming dies allow the production of all main external rolled threads: metric, fine pitch metric, UN, Whitworth Gas.

Vergnano Filiera A Rullare Frontale

An exclusive product

Patented technology*

The rolling die is an exclusive Vergnano-designed tool, manufactured to client specifications. Various machine connections can be developed: cylindrical, Weldon and other types. Internal lubrication can also be used.

(*) Patent application filed, patent pending.

Vergnano Filiera A Rullare Progetto

A smart die

Vergnano rolling dies offer users valuable benefits

Compact size and weight

Rolling dies are therefore particularly suited to machines with automatic tool change.

Lower investment costs

La filiera a rullare è una soluzione adatta sia alle piccole che alle grandi serie.

Shorter cycle times

Improved productivity and production times.

Ease of assembly

Ready for use in a few simple steps.


Chip-free threading and, therefore, easier management of the production process.

Ease of use

Simply specify the desired tolerance when placing the order, no further adjustments will be required.


The possibility for threads in the desired length regardless of the tool length.

Reduced operating torque

With subsequent energy savings.


Easy and affordable reconditioning once worn.

Improved threading

Rolled threads have superior mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

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