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Milling solutions

A complete and comprehensive range of steel and solid carbide end mills

Steel and solid carbide end mills with state-of-the-art geometries, materials and coatings offer solutions for a wide range of machining in a variety of materials.

End mills

FA Series

HSSE-PM End mills for generic applications

The Vergnano FA-Series represents a selection of Vergnano’s traditional range of steel end mills. Now updated with cutting-edge forms, materials and coatings, they offer solutions for a variety of milling operations in a wide range of materials.

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A HSSE-PM end mill from FA Series by Vergnano

End mills

FH Series

Solid carbide end mills for generic applications

The FH-Series solid carbide end mills are the best choice for general applications thanks to their exceptional value for money.

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A solid carbide end mill for generic applications from FH Series by Vergnano

End mills

FP Series

High performance solid carbide end mills

The FP-Series represents the cutting-edge of high-performance solid carbide end mills: latest-generation materials and coatings, perfect preparation of the cutting edge, with unequal flute spacing and variable helix ensure a long tool service life on a broad range of materials.

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An high performance solid carbide end mill from FP Series by Vergnano

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