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Custom hobs made specifically for your applications

Special tools

According to customer specs.

Powder metallurgy high speed steel High performance intermetallic alloy Solid carbide
TiN AlCrN Altensa
A group of hobs on a work plan

Vergnano Quality

Steel and solid carbide hobs

Vergnano designs and manufactures various hobs to specification, including bore-type, shank-type, tandem, double-cutting or skiving hobs. The machining allows the production of gears, ring gears, shafts, special profiles and much more.

Every product is designed and developed according to client specifications using our integrated design and production monitoring system, our proprietary software dedicated to plant management and production, ensuring maximum precision and rapid, on-time deliveries.

Range and versions

Hobs for all applications

Vergnano hobs cover a wide range of applications, with tailored solutions for every circumstance.

  • Bore and shank type
  • Tandem hobs
  • Multi gash hobs
  • Skiving hobs
A group of hobs in HSSE-PM and hard metal


The use of high-alloyed HSSE-PM sintered steels and the new intermetallic material (MC90) combined with increasingly high-performance coatings allows applications with ever more exceptional cutting parameters (both wet and dry) and excellent durability.

Solid Carbide Hobs

In situations requiring even more advanced cutting parameters, or if the materials are particularly difficult to machine, solid carbide hobs are a better solution than traditional hobs in HSSE-PM.

Fields of application

Produces gears, ring gears, shafts and special profiles

We manufacture hobs that are used to machine products in a variety of industrial fields. We are a member of the most prominent international groups in the mechanical engineering, automotive and energy industries.

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Services and after-sales support

Always by your side

We support you throughout the design process with a specialised team and cutting-edge technology. We provide ongoing assistance even after the project is completed through technical courses on the use of hobs, an efficient after-sales service and our own re-sharpening, re-profiling and re-coating services.

Operatore alla postazione di monitoraggio della produzione nello stabilimento Vergnano

Design and production

Integrated design and production monitoring system

We have developed proprietary software to mange and optimise the design and production of hobs.

  • Hob design and optimisation based on the specifications of the part to be hobbed.
  • Analysis of the most suitable cutting parameters.
  • Automatic generation of the manufacturing drawing including all machining data.
  • Monitoring of production through to final acceptance testing and shipping to the client.
  • Management of the project archive.
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