A hollow HSSE-PM hob by Vergnano

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Custom steel hobs made specifically for your machining processes

Special tools

According to customer specs.

Nominal diameters

From 25 mm to 300 mm.

Powder metallurgy high speed steel High performance intermetallic alloy
TiN AlCrN Altensa
Total length

Up to 350 mm with bore, up to 500 mm with stem.


From 0,4 mm to 26 mm.

Quality class

A to AAA (according to DIN 3968).



Vergnano tools produces a complete range of hobs in the best and highest performing types of sintered steel, and in the special intermetallic material called MC90. These hobs are used not only in traditional hobbing with cutting fluid, but also increasingly in combination with latest-generation coatings for dry machining, since they can still guarantee high-performance cutting parameters and more than adequate wear resistance.

Tandem steel hob

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