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Solid Carbide Hobs

Custom solid carbide hobs made specifically for your machining processes

Special tools

According to customer specs.

Nominal diameters

From 20 mm to 120 mm.

Solid carbide
AlCrN Altensa
Total length

Up to 300mm with bore, up to 450mm with shank.


From 0,4 mm to 6 mm.

Quality class

A to AAA (according to DIN 3968).


Solid carbide hobs

In certain applications, using solid carbide to manufacture the hob provides significant advantages over using HSSE-PM. The possibility to work with higher cutting speeds satisfies the demands of those who require shorter cycle times combined with large production batches, just as the increased strength allows hobbing of difficult-to-machine parts. Solid carbide skiving hobs in particular allow the finishing of previously hobbed and subsequently quenched parts.

Hard metal hob

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