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Wireframe 3D di un maschiatore Vergnano Serie VA

VA Series

Synchronous Tapping Attachments

  • VA-Series tapping attachments are specifically designed for synchronous tapping on modern machining centres.
  • Differentiated micro-compensation in compression and traction reduces wear forces on the tap, thus extending tool life.
  • The innovative modular system with quick-change adaptor reduces tool-change time and allows the use of extensions, ensuring maximum flexibility with a single tapping attachment.
Maschiatori per maschiatura sincronizzata


Quick-Change System

Vergnano offers a new system consisting in tapping attachment and quick-change adaptor which allows worn tools to be substituted without changing the entire tapping attachment thereby saving precious machining time.

It is recommended to have a second quick-change adaptor (in addition to that delivered with the tapping attachment) sold separately to exploit this advantage. Also available are extended quick-change adaptors which permit extension of the tapping attachment in order to reach threads in difficult positions.

This versatile and cost-saving system covers a wide range of applications with just one tapping attachment.


The extended adaptor is sold assembled and consists of two parts (adaptor and terminal adaptor). Further extensions are available on request.

Corpo bussola del maschiatore

1. Adaptor

Prolunga aggiuntiva del maschiatore

2. Extension (on request)

Terminale del maschiatore

3. Terminal adaptor

Types of connections

The VA-Series is available with 5 different connection types

Attacco Din 69893 Hsk A per maschiatori Vergnano

DIN 69893 HSK A

Attacco Din 1835 B+e per maschiatori Vergnano

DIN 1835 B+E

Attacco Sk Din 69871 Ad per maschiatori Vergnano

SK DIN 69871 AD

Attacco Mas 403 Bt per maschiatori Vergnano

MAS 403 BT

Attacco Poligonale Iso 26623 1per maschiatori Vergnano

ISO 26623-1 Poligonale

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