Always as good as new

After-Sales Service

We guarantee excellent performance even after repeated use, but wear and damage are inevitable over time. Hence, we implemented the re-sharpening, re-profiling and re-coating service to further extend the tool life, providing clients with a cost-effective option.

High precision


Vergnano offers its customers a high-precision re-sharpening service to extend tool life.

Vergnano Riaffilatura Creatori

Repairs and changes in usage


Complete hob re-profiling to allow regeneration or modification of the profile and recovery of damaged tools.

Quality control of a hob in the production plant of Vergnano in Chieri

Stronger tools


The hob coating department employs the latest and most advanced technology in the industry.

Un tecnico specializzato verifica il rivestimento PVD dei creatori nel forno Oerlikon Balzers nello stabilimento di Vergnano

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