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Differentiated micro-compensation

During tap reversal high axial forces are ge- nerated on the tap which cause mechanical stresses and micro-wear. This in turn leads to reduced tool life and tool precision. For this reason Vergnano synchronous tapping atta- chments are designed with differential micro-compensation in traction and compression which compensates the stresses on the tap.


Compensation in traction (1 mm) is obtained by steel springs which guarantee greater reliability while compensation in compression (0,2 mm) is obtained by elastomer rings.

  • A. Steel spring for compensation in traction (1,0 mm)
  • B. Elastomer ring for compensation in compression (0,2 mm)
Sectional image of differentiated micro-compensation

Axial force

  • X:Time
  • Y: Force (N)
  • A: Chamfer
  • B: Reversal
  • C: Exit
  • Rosso: Conventional
  • Blu: Synchronous

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