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Synchronous tapping attachments

In modern CNC machine tools with synchronous spindles, the rotational and axial movements of the spindle are coordinated by the numeric control of the machine. On these modern machine tools standard compensated tapping attachments are not recommended since the large compensation in extension can negatively influence the performance of the tool. Vergnano Sincro synchronous tapping attachments are specifically designed for synchronous tapping: micro-compensation reduces the axial and radial forces generated during the tapping process and enhances tool life.

Since machine, tapping attachment and tool are synchronised it is possible to reach high machining speeds. This advantage, together with increased tool life, leads to improved productivity.

Compensation difference in conventional and synchronous tapping

Conventional tapping
Disegno tecnico della differenza di compensazione - Maschiatore convenzionale
Synchronous tapping
Disegno tecnico della differenza di compensazione - Maschiatore sincro
  • Red: Traction
  • Blue: Compression

Requirements for synchronous tapping

  • CNC machine with synchronised rotational and axial movements of the spindle.
  • Spindle with sufficient rotational speed in order to reach the requested cutting speeds also with small diameter taps.
  • Synchronous tapping attachment with micro-compensation.
  • In order to work at the requested cutting speed during the entire machining process, the spindle must be able to accelerate to the full final speed before the tapping process begins.

Technical features

The new Vergnano synchronous tapping attachments have an innovative quick-change adaptor system and are characterised by a differential compensation in traction and compression.

Quick-change tap adaptor with setting screws

Setting screws on the quick-change adaptors allow the use of standard ER collets without square drives further limiting purchasing costs.

Technical illustration of the anti-rotation setting screws of Vergnano sincro taps


  • Reduced machining cycle times, due to higher cutting speeds.
  • High tool life.
  • High quality threads.
  • Cost reduction due to versatile system with one tapping attachment and multiple quick-change adaptors.
Comparative test with tap S17 M12x1,5 TiN
WorkpieceWheel hub
Material38MnVS6+P (M.G. P.5)
Thread depth [mm]14
LubricationMinimal lubrication
Vc [m/min]25
MachineStama MC10014
Tapping directionVertical
Tapping attachmentRigid standard vs Vergnano Sincro
Durata utensile

Vergnano Sincro (180%)

Rigid standard (100%)

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